Our Online Course "Pursuit of Happiness"

Create your road map (plan) with our online step by step guided instruction. You will be guided though the process of painting a vivid picture of your vision. Then asked to examine the values you have about yourself, your efforts and your communication. We will then guide you though a process that pulls your vision, values, and goals altogether, to create your map and plan of action.   All your responses will be capture for you in your personal workbook available to you for 15 days after completing the course.

The course will take about an hour of your time. You will need access to the internet, speakers/headset. You may want to download the Free Plan Template to write your own notes.



Personal Growth Ambassadors (Coaching)

Our Ambassadors have over 30 years combined experience, We are skilled at assisting you by using a focused goal achievement process. Ambassadors focal point is to support you in reaching your highest potential. We accomplish this by working with you to ensure your actions result in tangible growth.   To start the process we begin by serving as your assistant. Together we clearly identify your goals and analyze the purpose each goals holds for you. Finally we concluded your session by developing your plan.

Once you have your plan you may choose to work alone to accomplish your goals. or you may choose a LUV Solutions membership option that would provided you with bi-weekly sessions with your Ambassador.


Membership with a Personal Ambassador

Bi-weekly sessions with your personal ambassador utilizes Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPI ensure your strategies have you aimed at your goals in addition your ambassador is here to help you make adjustments if necessary.  Furthermore, your ambassador helps you to:

Feel in command

Stay motivate to take steps to reach your highest potential

Stay focused on what's important

Be accountable for your actions

Save time and unnecessary stress

Have confidence in your ability to achieve

Keep a winning mindset

Understand yourself better- identify blind spots

Boost your well-being

Organized Tangible Growth

Our Ambassadors, have combined their experience working into the development of our coaching model and guide/course. In our previous work as social justice advocates, we found that most people have one thing in common, they lack or lost focus on their vision, goals and values. People often don't have  a clear plan or ensure they are working toward their vision of happiness every day. Ask yourself, where do I  want to be and how will I work on getting there everyday.  Are you spending your days, like most people... “just trying to survive”.   Take a little time to create or evaluate a plan for yourself. Your plan is like a map, it’s a crucial step to identifying your needs and getting you to where you want to go. Give yourself an hour or so to really examine what you want, then create it.

Actions of your day whether its money, time and/or your resources should be focused on your needs to get to where you want to be.  The  services we provide serve to guide you toward creating a vividly clear detailed map of where you want to go and how you will get there.  We help to get you in touch with the attitudes and resources you need to adopt to support the achievement of what you want.  In addition creating your plan, often helps you when at  some point you face a problem or crisis; Having a plan, makes it much easier to overcome an issue and adjust your plan to avoid, smooth out, and/or deal with an unexpected crisis and then get back on your journey.



Next Steps...

Start by Enrolling in the course

Give yourself the hour to complete the online guide to creating your plan. 

Schedule an appointment/session with an ambassador

If you don't like to create alone you could schedule an appointment with one of our ambassadors, together we go though each step to create your plan. 

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